Es mucho mejor no conocer las reglas

miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

"My theory is this: when you know everything about an industry, you don’t know whats good for it. The only thing you know is the rules and confinements that have been set up by the people within that industry to prevent change. That’s human nature. People don’t like change, people like change they like. So you follow the rules, and learn some more and before you know it. You are 50 years old, wears a suit and dictates the rules by yourself. You don’t change the industry you’re in, the industry changes you.


What an industry needs is people who have no idea on how it operates. People that don’t know that there are any rules. While it is good to break rules and to push boundaries, it’s much better to just never know that any rules exists. So, when an agency boasts that they have years of experience in the field that your company is working in. Run the other way, cause that only means that they know the rules. You need someone who doesn’t."

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